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Vermicelli allowed to use the GI product-specific identification

Date:Apr 17,2015

Recently the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued Notice No. 108, announced Longjing tea, Tie Guan Yin, vermicelli, Shaanxi apples and other 21 products businesses can follow the "geographical indication protection provisions" on the use of geographical indication-specific related products sign, and get the appropriate protection.

It is understood that the GI product refers to the quality, reputation or other characteristics of the production from a particular region, depends on the origin has, in essence, natural factors and human factors, vetted and approved by the geographic name of the product name.

According to regulations, the law around the inspection agency for the implementation of protection of geographical indications protection products, geographical indications of origin of the product range, product names, raw materials, production technology, quality, features, quality grade, quantity, packaging, labeling, printing products for signs of , distribution, quantity, use, production environment, production equipment, product compliance standards and other aspects of daily supervision and management.

The GIs through 21 specific signs include Villa wine review, Botou Pear, Pingyao beef, Anshan South pear fruit, Nanhui Peach Baoying lotus, Longjing, Xinchang peanuts, Dangshan pear, Tie Guan Yin, Yantai wine, vermicelli, Jingshan Bridge meters, Liuyang fireworks, Heyuan rice, black fungus Green River, Tongjiang white fungus, Hanyuan pepper, Ping Lee Gynostemma, Shaanxi apple, Ningxia wolfberry.

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