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Chinese vermicelli production and management standards will be born

Date:Apr 17,2015

Learned from parties concerned, Chinese vermicelli production standards will be born, and this standard prototype - "Chinese vermicelli production and management model text" is derived from the "Sichuan-made."

It is reported that China National Food Industry Association, the State Food and Drug Administration has recently specialized in Mianyang held "China Facilitate the production management model text" demonstration will facilitate the fans by the Chinese industry leaders - Yantai Longkou fans Ltd. Silver Star draft "China's production and business model text for fans" had a serious discussion and revision. China Food Industry Association, leading to "model text" gave a high evaluation. According to industry pundits to reports, the meeting discussed the text out of the demonstration, the pilot enterprises in the country trial. If successful trial run, Chinese vermicelli industry production standards will be born, Chinese industry will also facilitate the fans from entering the production phase of standardization.

It is reported that, in this demonstration meeting, China Food Industry Association has officially awarded the Friends of Potato Industry Co., Ltd. Sichuan light, Mianyang City Yongchun sweet potato development of a limited liability company, Sichuan, China-based Industrial Co., Ltd. Yantai Silver Star, nine vermicelli companies for national "food safety credit system pilot units."

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