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Yinsida Longkou Vermicelli

Eating vermicelli taboos

Date:Apr 17,2015

Traditional fans in the processing of the production process adds alum, alum that aluminum sulfate. Excessive intake of aluminum sulfate, may affect the function of brain cells, which influence and interfere with people's consciousness and memory function, resulting in Alzheimer's disease, can cause bile cholestatic liver disease that can lead to bone softening, can cause ovarian atrophy and other diseases. but fans processing stage, especially well-known brands have abandoned the use of alum, workshop production of fans, many still in use alum.

Vermicelli Zhaoyuan out. Back in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty, the people began Zhaoyuan fans production. Longkou port shipped out after it was called vermicelli. Vermicelli, authentic vermicelli sweet potato as raw materials,, initially after 300 years of history in practice constantly sum up, continuous improvement, continuous improvement and gradually developed to the current advanced technology and excellent quality.

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