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Longkou Party Secretary Yang Hongxu: do free advertising for agricultural Longkou

Date:Apr 17,2015

"In today's meeting of the city's rural work and rural cadres General business meeting, party secretary Yang Hongxu personally do advertising for Longkou brand agricultural products, which is enough to see Longkou municipal leaders to produce brand building attaches great importance to agriculture as the foundation of attention. "Longkou City Commission by letter Bureau Song Yasumoto said," vermicelli is a national brand, is a world-renowned brand, with 300 years of production history in Longkou, its a strand of fine uniform, high-quality finish, transparency and strong, tough texture soft, white health, food and refreshing, and has a refreshing cool God, healthy longevity of the function, the family and the catering industry is hot cook salad to share and acclaimed as the city's industrial enterprises and the competent authorities of information, we have this year work effectively by up really help, really help, to ensure the tradition of Longkou Famous brand and do good, and stronger. "

According to reports, Longkou City, now has a high efficiency up to 64 agricultural enterprises, sales revenue reached 37 billion yuan, 36 agricultural products through the "Three Grades of a standard" certification, including food known trademarks in China 4, Shandong Province famous trademark 9, brand-name products in Shandong Province 3, which will effectively promote local economic development.

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