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Ride "along the way", vermicelli export win new machine

Date:Apr 17,2015

Speaking of vermicelli, it is a resounding Yantai city card. It filament thin uniform, Wako Pure transparent, flexible texture is known, the main origin in Yantai Zhaoyuan, Longkou, Laiyang, Penglai, Laizhou. 300 years, has been used to extract starch vermicelli beans from the traditional process.

According to the staff of Yantai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, vermicelli in 2002 was included in the National Geographic indications protection products, by the end of 2010 China has become the first official EU mutual recognition of GI products. Vermicelli enter the EU market, such as counterfeiting and infringement, you can get the same legal protection in the country in the EU-25, and is held accountable. After the mutual recognition of vermicelli go out to provide more convenience. Yantai as "Oriental Maritime Silk Road" maiden voyage, in "along the way" national strategy, Yantai has a unique advantage. The vermicelli as Yantai card, will also benefit from this. Silver Star Yantai Longkou fans Ltd. senior Guolan Tang introduced, according to China's current annual statistics of fans around 400,000 tons, of which vermicelli is about 100,000 tons annual production, accounting for a quarter of the national production.

"Vermicelli has developed more than 80 varieties of instant noodles, organic noodles, vegetables, and other fans." Yantai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau staff told reporters that by raising the technological content and added value, vermicelli industry evolved to high-end direction. Currently, Yantai City has 91 manufacturing enterprises fans, the annual production value of nearly 8.0 billion, sold more than 100 countries and regions, is the largest production base of fans. "The company with an annual output of nearly vermicelli tons, of which one-third of exports to foreign countries." Silver Star Yantai Longkou fans Ltd. staff told reporters before the company's main export markets are Japan, now open up more international markets more possibilities, can further improve the efficiency of enterprises.

In recent years, exports have been good vermicelli. Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau data from Longkou displayed only in Longkou port, vermicelli's exports have been on the rise. 2012 export 2996 tons, 4092 tons of export in 2013, 2014 export 4264 tons, mainly exported to the EU, US, Japan, Russia, Australia, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, more than thirty countries and regions.

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