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Yinsida Longkou Vermicelli

Vermicelli identification method

Date:Apr 17,2015

(1) identification of color

When fans sensory identification color, the product in bright light direct observation.

Fans ------ good white color, with a sheen.

Fans ------ poor color or slightly darker pan light brown, slightly shiny.

Fans ------ inferior color gray, dull.

(2) identification of organizational status

When the sensory identification were fans organized state, the first direct observation, and then hand bend, fold, to perceive its toughness and resilience.

Fans ----- good thickness uniformity, and no bar, no shreds, feel pliable, flexible, free of impurities.

Fans ------ poor uneven thickness, and there are bars and shreds, flexibility and elasticity are poor, there is a small amount of impurities in general.

(3) Identification of smell and taste

When a fan of the smell and taste sensory identification, desirable samples directly sniffing, and then soaked in hot water for a moment and then fans smell the odor; soft run fans chewed in the mouth, tasting its taste.

Fans ------- good smell and taste are normal, no smell.

Fans -------- poor bland or slight odor.

Fans -------- inferior musty, sour, bitter taste, and other exotic taste, mouthfeel sand exist.

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