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Yinsida Longkou Vermicelli

Vermicelli and Health

Date:Apr 17,2015

Traditional skills: As a result of the training and use of traditional techniques to extract starch slurry acid technology is still a key manufacturing vermicelli, and by the Department of Biology, Peking University Institute of Zhaoyuan vermicelli and repeated studies have initially found to make starch slurry acid cohesion precipitated material is nisin, so using traditional techniques with pure mung bean vermicelli production, uniform thin filament, Wako Pure transparent, tough texture soft, soaked in water for two days, not color, not made up.

Usage: widely used as a salad or soup, meat and vegetables Safe. Salad better.

Nutritional benefits: Fans of the main nutrients are carbohydrates, dietary fiber, protein, niacin and calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and other minerals. Fans have a good taste of attachment, it can absorb all kinds of delicious soup, plus the fan itself is soft and tender, more refreshing and pleasant. After adding vermicelli dish, can be color, flavor, coupled with the inherent green beans, detoxification, heatstroke and other effects.

Tips: after eating noodles, do not eat fried crisp foods such as fritters and the like. Because fried foods contain a lot of aluminum, together - since a large intake of large aluminum will exceed the acceptable daily intake.

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